“Being a center of excellence in education, study and development of the Indonesian Maritime Continent Based            Forestry Science and Technology”.


  1. Carrying out Masters of Forestry Education to educate human resources capable of studying and developing international standard forestry science and technology.
  2. Conducting research that studies science and technology in the field of forestry at an international level
  3. Carry out community service in the field of integrated and sustainable Forestry Science and Technology.

Purpose of Study Program

  1. Producing highly competitive forestry masters in the community-based forestry sector in Eastern Indonesia with the Wallaceae Region on a national and international scale
  2. Develop science and technology in the field of community-based forestry in Eastern Indonesia with the identifier of the Wallaceae Region that is responsive to solving local, national and international problems
  3. Apply science and technology in the forestry sector for the benefit of the community around the forest


  1. Increasing the active role of the Forestry Masters Study Program in various activities related to the development and use of science, technology and arts in the field of forestry and the environment as the implementation of three tridharma of higher education.
  2. Increased education, research and community service activities in the Forestry Masters Study Program.
  3. Increasing the quality of forest education education facilities, facilities and infrastructure to create a conducive academic atmosphere and benefit academicians and other related communities.
  4. Increased productivity and quality of outputs, especially those related to the needs of forestry development, increasing the added value of forest products and services, increasing people’s welfare, and improving the environment.
  5. The establishment of networks and the increase of national and international cooperation with partnership patterns with various stakeholders involved to achieve a formidable, quality and credible forestry tertiary institution of international education.