Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest is a forest for activities of practice, research, training, public service, and research cooperation both within and outside the country. In addition, this area could also be used as a place of environmental education-based natural recreation. Area of Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest is located in the village of Limapocoe, sub-district of Cenrana, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. The location is approximately 65 km from the center of the capital of South Sulawesi province, or approximately 34 km from the center of the capital of Maros. The area could be got by using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles with approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Makassar City. The main road that connects Makassar-Maros-Bone crosses this location. On the trip to this location, a view of karst forests could be seen and two flagship tourism objects of the Regency of Maros namely Pemandian Bantimurung and Pattunuang Water Park would be passed.

Map of Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest

The Teaching Forest has the potential of physical, biological, and strategic social to manage as a center of education, research, training, and forestry services in South Sulawesi and Eastern Region Regional of Indonesia.

Pine ForestPine Forest

Natural ForestNatural Forest

Educational activities that take place in Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest so far are still dominated by practice and research activities related to basic forestry sciences such as inventory, planning, surveying, forest management, silvika, silviculture, dendrology, ecological, and socio-economic of communities around the teaching forest. Those activities are in line with the curriculum of the Department of Forestry that is still oriented to conventional forest management. Since the last two years, students have also been carrying out General Practice and Field Study Service Forestry Profession in Teaching Forest and existing villages around, which is administratively located in the three sub-districts namely Cenrana, Camba, and Mallawa

Community activities take place in and around the Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest are farming, gardening, cattle raising, and partially make utilization of forest products of lumber and non-umber such as taking firewood, pine sap tapping, palm tapping, palm sugar making, the retrieval of seed plants of mahogany and pine, and the utilization of medicine plants, mushrooms, and others. The activities of the society form the agro-ecosystem that could be a place to study with stakeholders.

Along with the paradigm of community-based forest management as well as development of the present Undergraduate Education Curriculum of Forestry of Unhas, thus the concept of Community-Based Forest of Education Management becomes demand for the holding of a Forestry Undergraduate Education. Therefore, Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest will be managed by ecosystems and community culture socio-economic approaches in and around the teaching forest.

Facilities available at Hasanuddin University Teaching Forest are

1.    Natural Recreation and Outing Activities

Natural recreational and outing activities are offered in the form of package of Tracking, Outbound, and Camping outdoors.

Camping groundCamping ground

Camping situation in the nightCamping situation in the night

2.    Mahony Mess/Guesthouse

The guesthouse is composed of 8 (eight) rooms with a capacity of 6 persons/room. Each room is equipped with bathroom and spring-bed.

Mahoni mess facilitiesMahoni mess facilities

Guesthouse in the nightGuesthouse in the night

3.    Villa of Bugis

Six units wood villa with a capacity of 10-20 persons/unit

Bugis VillaBugis Villa

4.    Camping Park/Area

Camping Ground, Sylva Park, Acacia Park.

Camping groundCamping ground

5.    Hall of Ebony

Building equipped with 2 meeting rooms (hall 1 with a capacity of 500 people, hall 2 with a capacity of 60 people) and 2 rooms (capacity of 20 people).

Gedung AulaGedung Aula

Hall of Teaching ForestHall of Teaching Forest