The Faculty of Forestry continues to actively strive to increase student participation and achievement in reasoning, arts and sports competitions, both at the local, national and international levels. Entrepreneurial skills and student welfare also continue to be encouraged and developed. Forestry students are expected to not only pursue forestry science, but also to do activities to develop their soft skills so that they become independent, full of initiative, work carefully, responsibly and toughly. The Forestry Study Program encourages extra-curricular activities for students in an organization such as:

  1. BEM KEMAHUT Sylva Indonesia PC. Unhas, is an institution or executive body of faculty level students Special
  2. Bureau of Environmental Natural Guides (BKPAL), is an institution that facilitates student interest in nature and the environment.
  3. Special Creative Belantara Bureau (BKBK), an institution that accommodates the interests and talents of students in the arts, sports and journalism.
  4. GAMIS, is a student institution that facilitates the field of religion, especially Islam 
  5. Forester Prayer Association (PDR), is a student body in the field of religion, especially Christianity.
  6. The Forestry Faculty PKM Clinic Team, is a team that specifically deals with student creativity programs, such as scientific writing activities. 
  7. The Forestry Faculty Scientific Reasoning Group (KEPIK), is a group of students in charge of scientific papers.
  8. Student Cooperative (KOPMA) Faculty of Forestry, is a group of students in charge of entrepreneurship.
  9. The Community Forestry Services Team (TLKM), is a non-governmental organization that focuses on forestry issues.


In increasing participation and achievements of forestry students in competitions in the fields of reasoning, art, and sports, the Forestry Study Program routinely carries out several activities such as: (1) Student Achievement Selection, (2) Scientific Writing Contest, (3) Program Student Creativity (PKM), (4) Sports and Art Contest, (5) English Debate Contest, (6) Book Review, (7) Forestry Talent, (8) Internships, (9) Regular Real Work Lectures, (10) ) International Real Work Lectures, (11) Village Development Grant Programs, (12) Entrepreneurial Student Programs (PMW), (13) Student Participation in local, regional, national and international events, (14) Student Exchanges (Student Excange) ).