Forestry study program is the only undergraduate study program in the Faculty of Forestry. Governance functionaries in the Forestry Study Program consist of the Chairman and the Secretary. In the organizational structure of the Faculty of Forestry of Hasanuddin University, Chairman of the Department of Forestry at once serves as the Chairman of the study program. The Forestry Study Program is led by a chairman of the study program

The Organizational Structure of Study Program Faculty of Forestry University of Hasanuddin

In carrying out its work, the Chairman of Department/PS of Forestry assisted by a Secretary of Department/PS and some educators. In addition, in the structure of the Forestry Department of Hasanuddin University there are seven laboratories that have been authorized by the Rector of the University and at present, three laboratories are still being proposed (Lab. Harvesting Forest Products, Lab. Watershed Management and Lab. Forest Protection and Safeguards) and Forest of Education, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. Laboratory is a center of learning, research and public service for special majors, courses lab work and public service within the scope of forestry sciences. Each laboratory manages one or more majors in the field of study. Forest of Education is supporting element owned by the faculty as a natural laboratory that also has the function of education, research, and community service.
Compositions of Major in any laboratory are as follows:

1. Lab.  Planning and Information System of Forestry and Watershed Management

  • Major of of Area Planning and Forestry Information System
  • Major of Hydrology
  • Major of Soil Conservation and Land Rehabilitation

2. Lab. Policy and Forestry Entrepreneurship.

  • Major of Forestry Policy
  • Major of Forestry Economic
  • Major of Forestry Social

3. Lab. Silvicuture and Physiology of Tree.

  • Major of Silviculture
  • Major of Agroforestry

4. Lab. Utilization and Processing of Forest Products

  • Major of Wood Nature and Quality
  • Major of Wood Technical and Processing
  • Major of Deterioration and Repair of Wood Properties
  • Major of Non Timber Forest Products

5. Lab. Forest Resource Conservation and Ecotourism

  • Major of Area and Ecotourism Management
  • Major of Biological Conservation

6. Lab. Biotechnology and Tree Breeding

  • Major of Biotechnology and Tree Breeding

7. Lab. Integrated Forestry
8. Lab. Forest Harvesting (is being proposed)
9. Lab. Forest Protection (is being proposed)
10. Lab. Watershed Management (is being proposed)

Names of staff in the Department of Forestry can be seen below:
Chairman of Department        :  Dr. Ir. Syamsuddin Millang, MS
Secretary of Department        :  Dr. Ir. Baharuddin, MP

Laboratory Chairman of laboratory
Lab. Planning and Information System of Forestry and Watershed Management Dr. Ir. Roland A. Barkey, MSc
Lab. Policy and Forestry Entrepreneurship. Dr. Ir. Asar Said Mahbub, MP
Lab. Silviculture and Physiology of Tree. Prof. Dr. Ir. Samuel A. Paembonan, MSc
Lab. Utilization and Processing of Forest Products Dr. A. Detti Yunianti, S.Hut, MSi
Lab. Forest Resource Conservation and Ecotourism Prof. Dr. Ir. Amran Achmad, MSc
Lab. Biotechnology and Tree Breeding Prof. Dr. Ir. Muh. Restu, MP
Lab. Integrated Forestry Prof. Dr. Ir. Musrizal Muin, MSc
Lab. Forest Harvesting* (is being proposed) Prof. Dr. Ir. Iswara Gautama, MSi
Lab. Forest Protection* (is being proposed) Dr. Ir. A. Sadapotto, MP
Lab. Watershed Management* (is being proposed) Dr. Ir. Usman, Arsyad, MS