The early establishment of Faculty of Forestry began when Faculty of Agriculture opened a new Department namely Department of Forestry in August 18, 1963 or one year after the establishment of Faculty of Agriculture of Hasanuddin University Forestry Department opened in co-operation of Faculty of Agriculture Hasanuddin University with Faculty of Agriculture University of Indonesia (currently known as Institut Pertanian Bogor-IPB) on the initiative of Ir. Fachruddin who at that time served as Vice Dean II of Faculty of Agriculture. This cooperation was also entwined with Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Province that was willing to be lectures at once manage Forestry Department. Ir. W.H. Hutadjulu, a staff of Forestry Department, who later became the first Chairman of Department of Forestry. The first lecture was first conducted in Gedung Balai Penelitian Pertanian in Jalan Ratulangi, Makassar.  Besides, lectures were also conducted at Hasanuddin University of Baraya and School of Forestry Police (Jalan Elang) which was at that time headed by F. Warouw. The number of students of forestry were about 10 students and initial activities of higher education of forestry science in Unhas used the areas of forest of Malino forest and forest of Borisallo Pabrik Kertas Gowa as the field practice sites.

At the beginning of its development, students of Forestry Department who had completed bachelor program continued their studies to IPB Bogor in 1968 and was appointed as regular assistant. They were Sampe Bunga Paembonan, Baharuddin Mappangadja, Mappatoba Sila, and Baharuddin Nurkin. In the same year, Mas’ud Junus who has been completing his study at the Faculty of Forestry IPB Bogor was appointed as the teaching staff and at the same time served as Chairman of the Department of Forestry replacing Ir. W.H. Hutadjulu. Faculty of Forestry was established based on Surat Dirjen Dikti Number : 483/D/T/2006 December 18, 2006 on the Approval of the Development of Department of Forestry became Faculty of Forestry and Environment, and the Rector’s Decree No. 440/H4/2007 March 14, 2007 on the Establishment of Faculty of Forestry. Faculty of Forestry is a development from the Department of Forestry University of Hasanuddin which historically was established on August 18, 1963, a year after the establishment of Faculty of Agriculture.

Based on the decision of the Dirjen Dikti No. 108/Deikti/Kep./1984, in 1984 Department of Forestry then experienced the management hence it has two study program, namely Study Program of Management and Forest Cultivation and Study Program of Forest Products Technology. In 1996, Study Program of Management and Forest Cultivation changed the name into Study Program of Forest Management based on Surat Keputusan Dirjen Dikti No. 234/Dikti/Kep./1996. Until the development of Forestry Department to Faculty of Forestry, both Study Programs remained as the main pillar providing education, research, and public service in the field of forestry at University of Hasanuddin.

Eleven years later after the Keputusan Dirjen Dikti Departemen Pendidan Nasional No. 163/Dikti/Kep/2007 about the Structuring and Codification of Study Program at the University, Faculty of Forestry has only one department and one study program namely Study Program of Forestry. Faculty of Forestry has a determination to be willing to coalesce and grow with society and environment as well as play a role in the development of science and technology to realize the management of forests and forest products that is the demand of global environment based on principal cultural treasures, critical review, tough-diligent-tenacious and uphold honesty and responsibility.