In improving students’ opportunity to do general practice/internship, research, thesis and obtain jobs and staff of lecturers to develop Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi, Forestry Study Program has established cooperation with parties, such as the cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, local government, private companies, State-Owned Enterprises, and other universities both within and outside the country. Those institutions are


  1. Secretariat of DPRD Pinrang Regency (Research and Development of Aerial Seeding Pattern Experiment of South Sulawesi Province 2011-2011)
  2. Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Province (Program of Function Improvement and Watershed Carrying Capacity Based on Society Empowerment of Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Province 2011-2011)
  3. National Geographic Indonesia (SVLK Discusstion Goes To Campus 2012-2012)
  4. Selayar District Governance (Study of Planning of Unit of Settlement Area Plan, Study of Technical Planning Unit of Settlement, and Study of Feasibility of Prospective Resettlement Area 2012-2012)
  5. BPKH Region VII Makassar (Preparation of Forest Arrangement and Management Planning of KPH Model in South and West Sulawesi 2012-2012)
  6. SMPN 12 Makassar (Building of School Caring and Environmentally Cultured 2012-2012)
  7. Makassar Forestry Research Bureau (Research on Habitat Exploration and Flora Population (Exploration of Habitat and Population of Ebony in South Sulawesi 2012-2012)
  8. BPDAS Lariang Mamasa (Review of the Critical Land in the Scope of BP DAS Lariang Mamasa 2013 2013)
  9. BANK BNI (Trigona Honey Cultivation Training 2013-2013)
  10. Bappeda of West Sulawesi (Mapping Tourism Business 2013-2013)
  11. Forestry Department of West Sulawesi Province (Self-Management Services of Natural and Service Tourism Development Potential Profile Drafting Environment of West Sulawesi province 2013-2013)
  12. DPRD Secretariat of Pinrang Regency (Regional Regulations Drafting Document Arrangement Services (Pinrang Regency Secretariat) 2013-2013).
  13. BP. DAS Lariang Mamasa (Identification of the Characteristics of Mandar Watershed 2013-2013)
  14. BKSDA South Sulawesi (Research and Development of Conservation Potential of Forest and Ecosystem in Conservation Areas 2013-2013)
  15. Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Prov. (Preparation of Business Plan KPH of Jeneberang in South Sulawesi 2014-2014)
  16. Agricultural Cooperative Hybrid (Tapping Fine Sap in KHDTK Educational forest in 2014-2014)
  17. Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Prov. (Designation of Experts and Technical Personnel Mentoring Experts on Business Plan Activities of KPH Jeneberang (2006-2014)
  18. Ministry of Underdeveloped Village (Preparation of Model and Modul of Thematic Student Study Service 2015-2016)
  19. Forestry Department of  South Sulawesi Province (Preparation of Business Plan of KPH of Jeneberang 2015)
  20. Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Province (Food Development in Forest Area 2015)
  21. Bureau of Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park (Optimization of National Park Management 2016 TNBB)
  22. BPDAS Jeneberang Walanae (Optimization of  Watershed Management in South Sulawesi 2016
  23. Forestry Department of South Sulawesi Prov. (Education, Training, Research and Development of Forestry in 2016)


  1. Tanabe Foundation (Japan) (Scholarship 2007-Ongoing)
  2. Regional Community Forestry For Training Center (RECOFTC) (Capacity Building 2008-2010)
  3. Departement of Biologi University of Rome-Tor Vergata Italy (Research Collaboration 2009-Ongoing)
  4. Ehime University Japan (International Services 2010-Ongoing)
  5. University Sains Malaysia (Research Collaboration 2009-Ongoing)
  6. Chicago University (Research Collaboration 2010-Ongoing)
  7. Institute of Natural Resources Sciences (Sustainable Regional Development Through Tourism 2010-Ongoing)
  8. CIFOR (Decentralisation Policy in Forestry 2008-2009)
  9. RECOFTC (Village Forest Development, Capaciity Bulding, dan PAR 2015-Ongoing)

This table shows forestry academic staff’ cooperation list: